HARRISON FORD Brentwood CA Early 80s

The real Harrison Ford is much like the screen Ford: The straight shooter—the stand up guy whom, in spite of anxious moments, saves the day. When we were doing location scouting for “Mosquito Coast,” in the jungles of Belize, guess who led the way with his machete? Harrison! I am serious, and in spite of the fact that we were being tracked by a Jaguar!

Somewhere, there is an old address book from 1973, where I have his name and number, but it is listed not under “F” for Ford, but “C” for carpenter, and for me, he has always manifested the straight-lined integrity of a well crafted but simple wooden design.

Harrison is very accessible when one shoots him on a movie set, in character, as he was in “Witness.” Actually I think he likes it, but usually he seems awkward and uncomfortable when being photographing off screen. Perhaps that is why I love this image the most. It is from our first session. In his modest home, among simple but beautiful things, he seemed happy and relaxed… and terribly cute!