My book Vineyard Days, Vineyard Nights: The Romance of Martha's Vineyard was published in 2004. I spent the 2003 season photographing the enchanting island of Martha's Vineyard, trying to capture what I think is the heart and soul of not only an incredible location, but one filled with wonderful eccentric people.

We printed the book on uncoated paper that absorbs the ink in such a way that my photos looked faded, like an old postcard. While I was not trying to be nostalgic, I did want to match what I feel is the non-glossy reality of the island—and I liked the softness we achieved. What I like less about this—my first efforts in digital photography—is the color balance. I think I and the printer were in relatively uncharted territory then and I long to re-balance my greens, as well as the saturation levels, of all the images.