GEORGE W. BUSH Daytona Beach 2004

NASCAR opening at Daytona! It is difficult to explain the excitement, the crowd, or the food at Daytona... Funnel Cakes and men wearing racecars on their heads, for example. The photo opportunities were wonderful and this year, President Bush would be in the owner’s box. Wow, so were we! After the race began, I boldly began photographing him. Both the President and the First Lady made themselves available by stopping their conversation and creating mini photo ops. At one point, the President turned to the White House Photographer that was recording the event, and asked if he was finished. That was my cue to say, “Thank you, Mr. President” and back off. I did. This seems like a minor moment, but it meant that 1) President Bush was well-mannered, and 2) he had enough insight into my character to know I would respond to his subtle request.