LOUIS L'AMOUR Los Angeles 1985

I wish Louis L'Amour would have written a novel about Louis L'Amour, for his own life was filled with both adventure and true love. Reading his novels, one can count on finding in reality every reference to a canyon or jutting rock, or bit of Western history that he recounts.  I think that is why his fan base is so adoring - they really get to be transported into another earlier world.  I loved shooting him on his ranch in Durango which gave him so much joy, but I was addicted to his studio and the mess of research books and manuscripts that was spread over any surface available (including the floor).  A few weeks after Louis died, his beloved wife, Kathy finally went into his studio to “straighten up” (something Louis would NEVER allow). Knowing the fastidious Kathy would take on the mess,  Louis hid un-published manuscripts for her to find as his last gift to her.   That's romantic!